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We believe that investing responsibly is investing in the future.

SKY Harbor Capital Management, LLC, the investment manager of SKY Harbor Global Funds, is a signatory of the Principles for Responsible Investment (“PRI”) and a participant in the UN Global Compact. We believe that concern for social values, environmental standards and ethical conduct is a necessary tenet of investing. In our view, companies which embark on sustainable and responsible business practices that promote diversity and inclusion, good governance principles, responsible use of natural resources and moderate carbon emissions are companies well-positioned for the transition to a more sustainable and inclusive economic future. Over time, stakeholder-oriented companies that operate with higher standards are more likely to lower financial risks and generate excess returns.

As investors, we believe that analyzing environmental, social and governance (“ESG”) issues is essential to understanding and managing the risks associated with issuers and industries, and that such risks can impact investment performance. We integrate this analysis at multiple points in our investment process. We continue to evolve the ESG risk factor framework embedded within our credit research as well as work directly with clients to fulfill their responsible investing requirements. Additionally, SKY Harbor remains committed to working with industry peers to advance implementation of the PRI and to elevate standards within fixed income investing.